Register your interest in MightE Cadet 2024-2025
Register your interest in MightE Cadet 2024-2025
Register your interest in MightE Cadet 2024-2025
Register your interest in MightE Cadet 2024-2025

Register your interest in MightE Cadet 2024-2025

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We're thrilled to unveil the MightE Cadet 2024-2025, the latest in cutting-edge kart racing technology designed for young racers eager to take their skills to the next level. This new class offers unparalleled performance and safety features, making it the perfect choice for aspiring champions.

Register Your Interest Today!

We invite you to register your interest in the MightE Cadet and be among the first to experience this exciting new kart. Early adopters will benefit from exclusive offers, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

By registering your interest, you'll provide us with essential information about your child's racing background and current kart setup. Once you've registered, we'll reach out to gather more details to tailor the MightE Cadet experience to your needs. Here’s what we’ll want to know:

  1. Driver's Name: The full name of the young racer.
  2. Age: The age of the driver to ensure they meet the requirements for the MightE Cadet class.
  3. Racing Experience: Any previous racing experience the driver may have, including races or training programs attended.
  4. Interest in the MightE Cadet: What specifically attracts you to the MightE Cadet? This could be its features, performance, or any recommendations you've received.
  5. Readiness to Race: Are you prepared to start racing in 2024, or are you aiming for the 2025 season?
  6. Demo Day Participation: Would you be interested in attending a demo day to test out the MightE Cadet before making a commitment?
  7. Performance Category Preference: Which performance category do you prefer for your child: Micro Max or Mini Max?
  8. Cadet 950 Chassis: Do you already have a Cadet 950 chassis, or would you like assistance in purchasing one?


The MightE Cadet

Specifications and info for the MightE Cadet

1. Motor: Utilizes a slightly larger BLDC motor than the Bambino model, tailored to enhance performance for the Cadet and Inter categories.

2. Controller/Inverter: Fully configurable to adapt to various needs, including speed and performance limitations, with optional boost functionality.

3. Battery: Features a system aligned with the specific demands of the Cadet. The weight has been kept to a minimum with fast charging in under 45 minutes recommended between sessions. Battery is swappable in 30 seconds for those that want more track time. Battery voltage is within the same parameters as Bambino and below the 60v FIA stipulation.

4. Versatility: Designed to match the performance levels of Rotax Micro Max and Honda Cadet, with simple future upgrades to enable Inter Max performance. This allows usage across a wide age range (8-13 years). With further minor upgrades, it can also be upgraded for Junior level performance.

1 motor for 8+ years of racing!!!


5. Parity of Performance: With parity of performance, you can be sure you have the performance to match the rest of the grid, making it all about the driver rather than the budget available to purchase the best engines.


6. Rental/Purchase Option: Planned availability for a monthly rental of £200. Outright purchase options are still to be confirmed.


7. Compatibility: The kit is designed to attach seamlessly to any homologated cadet chassis and can also fit Honda cadet chassis without modification.

8. Class Minimum Weight: 120kg including driver.

9. Max Speed: Set at 61 mph.

10. Demonstration and Racing: Available for demo during Round 4 at Rowrah and future meetings at PFI and Fulbeck. Racing is due to commence in September 2024.

Feel free to contact MightE for further information or any queries.


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Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the MightE community. Register your interest now to receive exclusive offers and stay updated on demo days, events, and other opportunities to get involved.

Ready to get started? Checkout with this free product and we'll be in touch to help you join the next generation of karting champions with the MightE Cadet 2024-2025!

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Don't take our word for it


My son is 5 years old and racing in MightE. We switched over due to the noise from an iame engine, which he wasn't keen on, and have not regretted the decision in the slightest. Jonny at MightE, current UK distributor Dave and Rob have been extremely helpful in support and improvement within MightE




My son is in his third year of karting with MightE and has won three championships. Had we raced petrol karts I would not have been able to navigate the minefield and cost of the engines and he would not have been able to show his ability. MightE has provided us with a level playing field, with motors that are proven to be equal and which are simple for a non-mechanic like myself to manage.




I purchased my Talaria from Mighte in April and love it so far! I had a few issues with my throttle not always working correctly, but customer service has been very responsive and helped me work through the issues.




We started go karting last October with the choice of IAME & MightE.
We went down the MightE route and have never looked back.
We like the fact they're simple to use and maintain and fair across the board. The grid this season is friendly and good bunch with everyone always helping if you need any assistance. It is a perfect entry stepping stone to go karting and we look forward to hearing more about the electric cadet.



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