The New
Gen 4

Official Powertrain Supplier forMotorsport UK Owner Driver Bambino Karts

We are excited to officially announce the groundbreaking partnership between MightE and Motorsport UK for the 2024 Bambino Championship. As these two leaders in the karting industry come together, the world of karting is set to experience a transformative leap forward in technology and performance.
  • Range

    63% more range compared to previous bambino generations
  • Motor

    Air cooled brushless motor specifically built for MightE bambino Karts
  • Inverter Control Unit (ICU)

    Advanced ICU ensures performance parity across all powertrains




Battery & Charger

Mounting System

Safety Switches

Inverter Control Unit (ICU)

  • Introducing our cutting-edge 2024 controller, the ultimate powerhouse of performance. This controller is meticulously designed to seamlessly align with the current MSUK bambino classes while also incorporating enhanced capabilities to ensure future-proof functionality. Planned upgrades in the pipeline encompass a 5-second boost feature and the remarkable capacity to transform your smartphone into a comprehensive dashboard, offering real-time data on MPH, power level selection, and a host of other exciting features.

Built for the MightE Bambino Championship

  • Our tried and tested motor is specifically designed for MightE. With some slight changes, it’s now able to perform to the new FIA approved low voltage requirements.

Battery & Charger

  • Quick swap 50.4v 35ah lithium ion battery
  • 10amp 58.8v charger

Simplified Mounting System

  • Our simplified mounting system allows users to fit the kit to a chassis and be up and running in minutes. Simply fit the chain, attach the 3 chassis clamps to the underside of the chassis, run your throttle cable to the pedal, and you're off and racing.

Safety Switches

  • (Driver On-Off Switch) Ensuring easy access for the driver to power up their motor. (Marshall Kill Switch) The kit comes fitted with an easy-to-reach kill switch for parents or Marshalls.
12 Month Warranty: All Powertrains come with a 12-month no-quibble warranty. 

Powering kart racing to a sustainable future

With high-performance electric motors



50.4v 35ah lithium ion battery
Range: 63% more range compared to previous bambino generations


The complete powertrain including long range battery weighs less than 20kg


Air cooled brushless motor.
 Specifically built for MightE bambino Kart Championship


Our power train fits any competitive bambino chassis in minutes

Inverter Control Unit (ICU)*

Advanced ICU ensures performance parity across all powertrains

Graphics Kit

Full MightE Branded Graphics kit

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Remaining £2578.33 + VAT due once your Powertrain is ready to ship.

We started go karting last October with the choice of IAME & MightE. We went down the MightE route and have never looked back. We like the fact they're simple to use and maintain and fair across the board. The grid this season is friendly and good bunch with everyone always helping if you need any assistance. It is a perfect entry stepping stone to go karting and we look forward to hearing more about the electric cadet.

Simon Wright

My son Ansel is in his third year of karting with MightE and has won three championships. Had we raced petrol karts I would not have been able to navigate the minefield and cost of the engines and he would not have been able to show his ability. MightE has provided us with a level playing field, with motors that are proven to be equal and which are simple for a non-mechanic like myself to manage. In our third year of racing MightE, having done 40+ race weekends and 100+ test days I can vouch for their reliability.

Richard Murray

Elijah is 5 years old and racing in MightE. We switched over due to the noise from an iame engine, which he wasn't keen on, and have not regretted the decision in the slightest. Jonny at MightE, current UK distributor Dave and Rob have been extremely helpful in support and improvement within MightE. We have been visiting other tracks, and we have always had great interest being as Jonny has done a great level of engineering alongside Dave to offer fair racing for entry-level karting. It's no surprise that MightE has been the fastest growing grid with others coming from other electric classes within the UK complaining of inconsistent packages.

Phil Tsang

MightE has so much to offer the young drivers & the supporting parents. At the level from total novice to fully experienced, it ticks all of the boxes. Training mode is a feature that puts the parents & driver at ease to allow them to experience the thrills of karting at a pace where we are all comfortable, this allows the driver to gain confidence. The best part for us is the fairness in the grid, we all are set to the same power output. We have now owned our Gen 2 MightE for nearly 2 years and with it being faultless & very easy to maintain. What surprised me the most was how well & safe the battery operates in all weather conditions. It was my biggest concern. Well nearly 4000miles on my Gen2 package, we are still strong in the competition.

Jimmy Williams


01. Where is my local Network dealer?

  • BKC Racing Dealer
BKC Racing
Unit 4 Manor Park
Willis Way
BH15 3SZ

Contact Rob Dodds: 07889793035

  • RCE Dealer
RCE David Richardson
Dunton Lodge
Lichfield Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B76 9EN

Contact Dave Richardson: 07816636724

02. How old do you have to be to enter the MightE Bambino Championship?

  • MightE bambino karting racing is suitable for children between the age of 6 - 8 years old. We have children as young as 4 years old using training mode to build skills before they are eligible to race. 

03. Are there any regulations that need to be followed?

  • Yes, there are certin regulations that need to be followed. These regulations can be downloaded here

04. How do I register for the MightE Bambino Kart Championship?

  • We have made it very simple to join The MightE bambino karting championship all you need to do is visit the karting championship page and enter your details.

05. Do you require a license to drive in the MightE Bambino Kart Championship?

  • Yes, The min licence grade for the Category will be interclub (bambino race ) and drivers will need to pass an ARKS test. Contact your local kart clubs to learn more or visit ARKS Below.

06. Can I use my MightE bambino on track test days?

  • Absolutely! We recommend drivers maximise seat time to enhance their skills and confidence. Feel free to put as many miles as you wish on your kit. Some owner-driver kits have clocked over 6,000 miles and still perform like new.

07. Can I race my MightE bambino at my local MSUK club rounds.

  • Yes, clubs can choose to adopt the class, and MSUK will encourage them to do so. We also recommend contacting your local Kart club to express your interest in establishing a grid.

08. Do you require a license to drive in the MightE Bambino Championship?

  • Yes, The min licence grade for the Category will be interclub (bambino race ) and drivers will need to pass an ARKS test. Contact your local kart clubs to learn more or visit ARKS here: